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Technology Enabled Learning (TEL)
The Ugandan Journal of Management and Public Policy Studies
  • AFLI Policy brief on the special question of urban refugees in Uganda 

    Rwemisisi Tibemanya, Jude; Kugonza Kamanyire, Sylvester (African Leadership Institute, 2018-07-09)
    As the number of displaced persons exceeded the Second World War spike, the international community and host governments continue to grapple for durable solutions. Uganda faces the problem of surging number of refugees ...
  • AFLI Policy brief on integrating human rights in regulation of media practice in Uganda 

    Mbaine, Adolf; Kemigisha, Rose (African Leadership Institute, 2019)
    Despite ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 19) and recognition of freedom of opinion and expression by the Constitution of Uganda (1995), state and media practitioners continue to clash ...
  • AFLI Policy brief on Management of Disasters in Uganda 

    Onweng Angura, Tobias; Kugonza Kamanyire, Sylvester (African Leadership Institute, 2018-11-29)
    Disaster preparedness and response remain a challenge for the Government of Uganda. Sprawling chunks of the population across the country continue to suffer the debilitating effects of calamities despite numerous ...
  • Local governments 

    Nduhura, Alex; Settumba, John Paul; Nuwagaba, Innocent; Molokwane, Thekiso; Lukamba, Muhiya Tshombe (2021-10-08)
    Governments across the world have given local authorities more freedom and power to meet the needs of their citizens and communities. Establishing local authorities has been in line with the quest for self-governance in ...
  • Public-Private Partnerships in the transport sector 

    Nduhura, Alex; Settumba, John Paul; Nuwagaba, Innocent; Molokwane, Thekiso; Lukamba, Muhiya Tshombe (2021-10-06)
    The need for more efficient and effective public private partnerships (PPP) projects in transport is gaining momentum and will not rescind as population of persons and cars takes upward shifts. This paper seeks to identify ...

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